140 First St Medical Labs: Cooling Tower Water Treatment System


140 First Street – Medical Labs

Location: Cambridge, MA
EasyWater Rep: New England Sales Group
Project Engineer: AHA Consulting Engineers
Scope of Work: 2800 ton cooling tower
EasyWater Equipment: Model CTF-425-S Skid System



140 First St Medical Labs, located in the East Cambridge Market, is a six-story, 238,934 square foot medical building.

They were concerned with the proximity of the discharge drift from their cooling tower system to the HVAC outdoor air inlet to the building since the water droplets could contain legionella. Consequently, the engineer contacted EasyWater for a solution.

The EasyWater CTF System was recommended to minimize legionella risk and help control:

  • Scaling in the cooling tower fill and chiller condenser tubes
  • Biofilm
  • Dirty turbid water
  • High bacteria counts
A view of the dirty water in the backwash tank from the CTF sub-micron filter
Dirty water and sediment in the tower basin prior to CTF Treatment



In March 2023, TG Gallagher Mechanical installed the EasyWater model CTF-425-S. It is a side stream treatment system, to manage scaling, corrosion, and bacterial concerns in the cooling tower system. On March 14th, an EasyWater technician performed the startup of the CTF System.

EasyWater’s CTF-425-S Cooling Tower Treatment System is a three part solution:

  1. An EasyWater SedimentShield, sub-micron backwashing filter for the removal of sediment and bacteria
  2. An Ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization
  3. (2) EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners to prevent and remove hard water scale deposits, biofilm, and reduce bacteria. The No-Salt Conditioners have the added benefit of preventing the hot UV lamps from scaling.
Texas A&M - CTF-50
EasyWater Model CTF-425-S System installed for 140 First Street – Medical Labs


Within just three weeks, the cooling tower bacteria count went from over 103 (4700 CFU/mL) down to 100. In addition, the cooling tower sumps and fill were free of scale, algae and biofilm.

The owners of 140 First St. Labs are very pleased with the treatment results of the CTF System and intend to implement it in more facilities.

Texas A&M - CTF-50
Prior to treatment, the water was very dirty and lab results from March 17th, 2023 indicated a high 103 bacteria count
Texas A&M - CTF-50
(6) months later, bacteria dip slides continue to show 100 bacteria count and the sump and fill continue to be free of scale and biofilm


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