Boca Raton Regional Hospital: 3,300 Ton Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Customer: Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Scope of Work: 3-Cell, 3,300 Ton Cooling Tower
EasyWater Equipment: (3) CTF-150 Systems

  • (1) Sediment Shield: Backwashing Filter with Proprietary,
    Sub-Micron Media
  • (1) Ultraviolet Disinfection System
  • (2) EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners
  • (1) 150gpm Side-Stream System Pump


Boca Raton Regional Hospital contacted EasyWater in late November 2018 to discuss potential solutions for their on-going struggles with:

  • Dangerously high Legionella counts
  • Excessive algae, turbidity, and biofilm growth
  • High bacteria counts
  • Costly chemical treatment and semi-annual system shutdowns for pressure washing and heavy chemical dosing

As shown in the photos below, the cooling towers have no inlet louvers, allowing sunlight to compound the algae and biofilm problems due to photosynthesis. Additionally, HVAC condensate is used for a portion of the makeup water, potentially introducing additional bacteria.

Previously, the hospital had been using sand filters on each of the three cells, but the results were unacceptable. Bacteria counts as high as 100,000 (105) CFU/ML were being recorded. Legionella was of particular concern—something they had been battling for more than four years.

Legionella counts above 100 require action. Counts above 1,000 require immediate shutdown and cleaning per the facility’s water safety plan. Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s monthly Legionella counts were as high as 1,790—the count immediately before installation of EasyWater equipment.

EasyWater CTF System for cooling tower water treatment
BEFORE EasyWater Treatment – Excessive algae present and the water is turbid
AFTER EasyWater Treatment – No algae present and the water is clear


In March 2019, EasyWater received a purchase order for (3) CTF-150 Systems, a unique, three-part solution for cooling tower filtration and treatment. The CTF-150 System utilizes EasyWater’s SedimentShield—a sub-micron, backwashing filter with a propriety media for the removal of sediment and bacteria; an ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization; and No-Salt Conditioners to prevent and remove hard water scale deposits, biofilm, and bacteria. Our No-Salt Conditioners have the added benefit of preventing the hot UV lamps from scaling.

BEFORE EasyWater Treatment – Water was turbid and sumps were very dirty

AFTER EasyWater Treatment – Sumps are much cleaner, which reduces Legionella risk


EasyWater’s three CTF Systems went on-line June 6, 2019. The bacterial dip slides below show the results just before the CTF Systems were installed was 105 and less than two weeks later was 100. Not only did overall bacterial counts dramatically drop, the Legionella counts dropped from 1,790 to non-detectable levels. As of September 25, 2019, the Legionella counts were still at non-detectable levels, while no longer feeding acid and using a small fraction of the biocide chemicals they used previously. The system has continued to provide excellent results and the owners are adding EasyWater technology to other facilities.

BEFORE Treatment – Bacteria Dip Slide Result = 105
AFTER Treatment – Bacteria Dip Slide Result = 100
(After 12 Days of Treatment)
AFTER Installation of EasyWater Equipment


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