Marshfield Hospital: Water Treatment for Facility and Kitchen

  • Project:  Marshfield Hospital
  • Customer: HDR Engineering (Engineer), Harris Mechanical (Contractor)
  • Job Facts: 250,000-sq-ft. medical center in Eau Claire, WI
  • Scope of Work: Domestic water, steam boilers and kitchen equipment water treatment
  • EasyWater Equipment:
    • 8 x EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners to treat all of the domestic hot and cold water in the facility.
    • 2 x EasyWater SmartGuard RO Systems for treatment of the steam boilers to provide clean steam for humidifiers, sterilizers and cart washers. Each SmartGuard RO was a 15,000-gallon-per-day system with no softener pretreatment and ran by a microprocessor.
    • 1 x EasyWater SmartGuard RO for treatment of the kitchen drink machines, ice machines, steamers, combi-ovens, coffee machines and tea.

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