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Stop Lifting Salt Bags.

So Long, Smelly Water.

What’s in Your Water?

If you pay a monthly water bill, you most-likely have City Water. Otherwise, you're probably on Well Water. Feel free to call us at 1-888-766-7258 if you need help.
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I have had my water softener for 3 and 1/2 months now and is working great. I had to reprogram because it did not regenerate at first, but that was pretty simple to do with help from the company.

Dennis F (Texas)

Your water softener was installed yesterday. I was very pleased to have it done. I am also pleased with the plumber you chose to install the equipment. He stated that he would install the same system in his own home.

Joseph S. (Michigan)

Easy Water is a great solution to having something other than a water softener. I am so relieved to not have to buy salt, lug it home, and put in a water softener.

Mary V. (Indiana)

I installed a ToxinShield Plus 1000 and have been absolutely THRILLED with the results. NO MORE CHLORINE TASTE - not even an odor! The water from any faucet in the house is great to drink, and even the coffee is better. I would do this again without hesitation.

Sanford Y. (Oklahoma)

My wife and I have 6 kids and we prefer to push water over pop, which we never buy. We drink a ton of water. This system makes our water taste really good. I mean it's really refreshing. This system should come standard with every house!

Travis H. (Indiana)

Great customer service! Was very patient with my questions and provided me with the answers I needed to make an informed decision. Thank you!

Dave B. (Kentucky)

I enjoy my system and knowing that there is no hauling of salt pellets and dumping into a softener system. My water is more soft and refreshing with out the salt or smell of salt.

Deb M. (Minnesota)

Excellent and professional. They called me to remind me I was due for new cartridges. Paid for them and them in 3 days. Great to due business with.

Kevin S. (West Virginia)

Very helpful and knowledgeable, responsive to my needs, and no high pressure sales. I would highly recommend EasyWater to others.

Gregg O. (Minnesota)

I am very satisfied with my purchase of your system, and all my former problems that I had are a thing of the past. My contact with Chris Friedman was excellent and he handled every thing for me to my complete satisfaction.

Chris G. (Ohio)

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