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Drinking Water Problems

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There are five aspects of the perfect drinking water: taste, smell, clarity, pH and safety. When one or more of these is off, this greatly impacts how we experience the 91–125 oz. of water we’re supposed to consume each day. (Source)

Identify Different Stains from Water

Whether you consciously think about these five aspects or not, they are integral to what makes an experience with water good or bad. (Sure, you could include “temperature” as a sixth, but temperature is more personal preference.) You look at the water, smell it as you lift the glass to your mouth, and finally taste it. Is the water too acidic (low pH), such as pure reverse osmosis (RO) water with zero minerals? Does the water have a strong chlorine smell and taste? Is it safe to drink?

There are many factors contributing to what may be causing your drinking water to seem off. Some may identify a larger problem with your home’s water that should be addressed with one of our whole house filtration systems, such as IronShield (well water) or ToxinShield (city water). For drinking water, however, we highly recommend the one system that can provide you with safe, delicious water that achieves the perfect balance of taste, smell, clarity, pH and safety, our RevitaLife Drinking Water System. This innovative reverse osmosis system removes everything from your water, like most RO systems do, but it also adds healthy trace minerals back into the water for a better taste and pH balance.

To help you identify what may be impacting your drinking water, we created the following overview with more information about causes and solutions for each:.


Typically orange or reddish staining is caused by high contents of iron, which is most common in well water systems. These stains are typically found inside the home around sinks, tub drains, and toilets, and outside wherever irrigation is directed. If you are on city water and experiencing orange staining, this may be due to the presence of iron in your municipal aquifer.


There are many causes for a bad odor in your home’s water. The most common odors are that of rotten eggs, bleach, sewage, metal and earthiness. These odors can occur in both city and well water. They may be signs of bigger problems with your water, such as high chlorine levels causing a bleach smell.


While poor water clarity can be a nuisance to deal with, and at times an embarrassment, it can also be an indicator that you may have unseen problems. Water clarity can be a warning sign for contaminants in your water that may be harmful to your health and damaging to your water-using appliances.


Water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic. This can cause many problems in your home, such as damage to your plumbing and water-using appliances, blue-green staining, and poor tasting water.


Our most precious resource, water, is being dangerously impacted by pollutants. In the last few years, the news media has started to take notice, and more and more reports are being published about how bad our well and city water is in many areas of the country.

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