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Water Solutions Guide

Use this tool to help you identify the best water treatment products to solve your water problems.

If you pay a monthly water bill, you most-likely have City Water. Otherwise, you're probably on Well Water. Feel free to call us at 1-888-766-7258 if you need help.
problems are .

Recommended Solutions to Treat Your :

If you see several products recommended below, this does not mean you need all listed. For example, ToxinShield filters out toxins for your entire home, whereas RevitaLife RO will only filter your drinking water.

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Solves: Hardwater, Feel

Scale from hard water shortens the life of water-using appliances, increases energy usage, clogs pipes, and reduces flow rate in showerheads and faucets. Our No-Salt Conditioner uses electronic scale control technology to reduce hard water scale build-…

Solves: Hardwater, Feel

SimplySoft combines superior design and the highest-quality components to deliver a low-maintenance softener that is simple to enjoy and easy to maintain. SimplySoft provides you with luxurious, soft water for smoother skin, softer hair and increased l…

Solves: Toxins, Odor, Bad Taste, Bacteria, Low pH, Sediment, Clarity, Drinking Water

RevitaLife RO (reverse osmosis) is designed with our true five-stage system for unparalleled protection against contaminants, but drinking water quality is about so much more than protection. That is why we go a step further by remineralizing the filte…

Solves: Toxins, Staining, Odor, Bad Taste, Bacteria, Clarity, Drinking Water

IronShield offers an innovative and natural solution for removing iron, rotten egg odors, tannins and manganese. Instead of using salt or chemicals, we use natural air and a proprietary filtration media to eliminate these contaminants, undesirable stai…

Solves: Toxins, Staining, Odor, Bad Taste, Drinking Water

ToxinShield Whole House Water Filtration System helps protect your family from the potential 84,000 dangerous contaminants leaching their way into your home’s water. This system was designed to help remove or reduce many of these contaminants found in…

Solves: Bacteria

BacteriaShield UV Whole House Disinfectant System is an effective, non-chemical solution for reducing bacteria, viruses, cysts and other pathogens by 99.1% to 99.9%. BacteriaShield UV uses a targeted range of ultraviolet light (UV) to inactivate harmfu…

Solves: Low pH

AcidShield Whole House Water Filtration System uses a mineral-based media to raise the pH of acidic water, saving you money and making your water safer for your home. Water with a low pH can cause copper pipes to corrode, leach metals into your water a…

Solves: Sediment, Clarity

Remove sediment easily and effectively with the EasyWater SedimentShield, available with five customizable filter cartridge options designed to fit your needs. Suspended solids and sediment can cause major problems for your specialized water treatment…

Solves: Toxins

We designed LeadShield to be the whole house solution for homes impacted by toxic levels of lead, arsenic and fluoride. Its high surface area media provides advanced oxidation filtration and adsorption to remove these contaminants. LeadShield also remo…

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