Cooling Tower Treatment

Any engineer or maintenance person responsible for cooling towers or evaporative condensers is well aware of the water treatment issues with these systems. Scale build-up, corrosion and biological issues, such as Legionella, are the most common issues that cause this equipment to suffer.

Problems with Traditional Cooling Tower Treatment

The treatment solution provided by chemical treatment companies has typically been to use more and more chemicals because that is their business model. For this reason, solutions that reduce chemicals have been discouraged and there has been little real innovation for decades. The result has been lots of money wasted on chemicals, energy and water.

Additionally, this has resulted in a massive and largely unnecessary amount of chemical pollution.

Solution Part 1: Makeup Water Treatment

Depending on the makeup water quality, we use some combination of our No-Salt Conditioner, SimplySoft ion exchange softener and/or SmartGuard reverse osmosis system.

Solution Part 2: Side-Stream Filtration/Treatment

Our CTF System (Cooling Tower Filtration System) continually filters and treats the cooling tower water in a convenient, side-stream configuration with a unique, three- stage approach. The first stage is our Sediment Shield—a backwashing/self- cleaning, sub-micron filter with proprietary media to remove sediment and bacteria. The second stage is an ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization. The third stage is our No Salt Conditioners, which prevent and remove scale deposits, biofilm, and bacteria. Our CTF System has also proven to reduce or eliminate Legionella.

Solution Part 3: Chemicals

Because of the CTF side-stream filtration/treatment system and our makeup water treatment, chemical usage will be very minimal. An oxidizing biocide will always be used just as an extra safeguard against Legionella.

Superior Results with Significant Savings

The combination of our makeup water treatment and CTF System side-stream filtration/treatment, provides the ultimate and most dependable treatment in the industry. In addition, EasyWater cooling water treatment will:

  • Eliminate scale formation
  • Save energy and water
  • Significantly reduce the risk of Legionella
  • Extend equipment life of cooling towers, chillers and pumping equipment
  • Minimize maintenance on equipment
  • Considerably reduce chemical pollution that ends up in ground water, rivers and streams

EasyWater will provide the best treatment solution for your cooling towers and evaporative condensers, provide regular onsite service and guarantee the results.

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