Series C

Finally, an effective and chemical-free solution for treating closed loops.

The EasyWater Series C Closed Loop Treatment System provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance, chemical-free treatment for closed loops. The Series C Closed Loop Treatment System removes dissolved oxygen, filters suspended solids to sub-microns and prevents, as well as, removes insulating deposits.

Features & Benefits
  • Continuous side-stream treatment
  • Non-chemical removal of dissolved oxygen
  • Efficient Design and simple installation by pulling in and out of closed loop piping with provided pump
  • Filters suspended sediment and ferrous metal down to sub-micron levels
  • Backwashes automatically to drain or uses bag filter for glycol systems
  • Sized based on total system gallons and whether there is glycol present in the closed loop
  • Prevents new and removes existing scale or iron oxide deposits in closed loop system, which saves energy
Typical Applications
  • Closed loop hot water
  • Closed loop chilled water
  • Closed loop glycol
  • Closed loop solar and heat pump systems

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