An effective solution for treating iron, odor and other well water problems without salt or chemicals.

Are you adding salt or chemicals to your water to remove iron or are you experiencing orange staining or water that smells like rotten eggs? Iron Shield offers an innovative and natural solution for removing iron, rotten-egg odors, tannins and manganese. Instead of using salt or chemicals, Iron Shield uses natural air and a proprietary filtration media to eliminate these issues in well water.

Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary filter media oxidizes and removes iron, manganese, H2S and organics
  • 5 micron nominal filtration of sediment and suspended solids
  • Uses no chemicals or salt
  • Media lasts 10+ years
  • High-filtration and flow rate capacity
  • Programmable control valve automatically regenerates filter media
  • Efficient filtration media uses less water for backwash
  • Effective at wide pH range (5.8 to 10.5)

How It Works:

  1. Your water containing iron, sulfur or manganese enters the filter
  2. Innovative filter media, which absorbs oxygen from the air, removes these contaminants from the water and traps them in the tank
  3. IronShield flushes the trapped contaminants down the drain and the filter media automatically regenerates with air


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