Domestic Water Treatment

We provide targeted and effective treatment solutions for all the commercial domestic water applications in your facility, including drinking, showering, laundry and other applications that suffer ongoing maintenance problems from improper water treatment.

Hard Water Applications

Hard water scale on a correctional facility heat exchanger

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water is known as hardness. Although hard water is healthy to drink, it can cause problems like scaling (hard deposits inside equipment) and spotting (evaporated water on surfaces).

For many years, the only solution for various hard water problems has been to install a salt-type water softener. But very rarely is one type of hard water treatment best for all the water-using equipment in a facility. Typically, the treatment used for water heaters shouldn’t be the same as you would use to make coffee. The same goes for the water used for laundry, ice machines, kitchen steamers and combi ovens, kitchen dish machines, steam humidifiers, sterilizers, and many more domestic water applications.

At EasyWater, we use our DWP (Domestic Water Protection) SystemNo-Salt Conditioners, SimplySoft water softeners (for cold and hot water) and SmartGuard RO (reverse osmosis) systems to solve various hard water problems.

Depending on the water quality, water temperature, equipment being treated and local water treatment restrictions, we will use one or more of these systems separately or together to provide the most effective and least expensive solution for each piece of water-using equipment.

Removing Iron, H2S (rotten egg smell), Manganese and Tannins

Well water is frequently the culprit for problems such as staining, plugging or odors. The most common solution to this type of problem water has been to use an oxidizing chemical like potassium permanganate to pull it out of solution so it can be filtered and removed. However, these chemicals are costly, messy and can be dangerous.

For all but the most extreme problem-water applications, the EasyWater IronShield System provides excellent results without the use of an oxidizing chemical. IronShield uses the roughly 20% oxygen that is in air to oxidize the iron and other problem-water contaminants so that when regeneration is needed, it actually uses air instead of chemical.

For extreme problem-water applications, we use our IronShield Max System, which utilizes hydrogen peroxide and a contact tank to take care of the worst problem water applications.

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