DWP System

A chemical-free solution to reduce Legionella risk without additional domestic water system corrosion

EasyWater’s DWP (Domestic Water Protection) System is a unique, three-part solution for domestic water filtration and treatment. The DWP System utilizes EasyWater’s SedimentShield—a sub-micron, backwashing filter with proprietary media for the removal of sediment and bacteria; an ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization; and EasyWater’s No Salt Conditioners to reduce or eliminate hard water scale deposits and biofilm in the domestic water system.

DWP System Features & Benefits

The 2 Key Factors for Protecting Domestic Water Systems from Legionella Problems:

  1. Eliminate incoming bacteria, nutrients and Legionella
  1. Remove existing biofilm and scale deposits so it has no place to live and multiply

DWP System Components:

SedimentShield Sub-Micron Filtration

  • Utilizes EasyWater’s sub-micron SedimentShield media, which is a proprietary blend of media that backwashes clean and does not harbor bacteria
  • SedimentShield media has an expected life of 15+ years
  • Removes over 99% of sediment, unwanted nutrients, and bacteria from the water, which significantly reduces the threat of Legionella in domestic water systems
  • Reduces turbidity or cloudiness in the water, which increases the effectiveness of the UV system

UltraViolet (UV) System

  • Kills bacteria on contact
  • UV provides highly effective sanitization and is protected from deposits and performance loss by the SedimentShield filtration and No-Salt Conditioner

No-Salt Conditioners

  • Minimizes Legionella risk throughout the domestic water system by eliminating scale buildup and reducing or eliminating system biofilm
  • Reduces or eliminates existing biofilm in both hot and cold domestic water systems
  • Helps maintain the rated effectiveness of the UV by preventing scale and biofilm on the UV lamps
  • Prevents and removes scale buildup in the domestic water system, helping water-using equipment last longer and work more efficiently

A variety of internal and external factors can lead to Legionella problems in your building, including:

 Biofilm     Scale and Sediment     Changes in municipal water quality

Source: Legionella Growth and Spread. (April 30, 2018). CDC. https://cdc.gov/legionella/wmp/overview/growth-and-spread.html

DWP System Sizing Chart

Model # Max GPM1 Main Size FRP Tank Dim
DWP-15 15 1" 18" x 65"
DWP-30 30 1-1/4" 24" x 72"
DWP-50 50 1-1/2" or 2" 30" x 72"
DWP-100 100 2-1/2" or 3" 42" x 72"
DWP-200 200 4" 2 - 42" x 72"
DWP-300 300 4" or 6" 3 - 42" x 72"
DWP-400 400 6" 4 - 42" x 72"
DWP-500 500 6" or 8" 5 - 42" x 72"
DWP-600 600 8" 6 - 42" x 72"
DWP-700 700 8" 7 - 42" x 72"
DWP-800 800 8" or 10" 8 - 42" x 72"
DWP-900 900 10" 9 - 42" x 72"
DWP-1000 1,000 10" 10 - 42" x 72"
1DWP Systems are sized based on the estimated max gpm in a domestic water system

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