SmartGuard RO

An intelligent and dependable RO system that doesn’t require softener or chemical pretreatment.

SmartGuard RO is an intelligent water filtration system built to work hard and think hard so you get the water quality you need without the downtime and maintenance headaches associated with typical reverse osmosis systems. SmartGuard’s touchscreen display keeps you informed about system performance and tells you when it is time to change filters or perform maintenance. Smart features like automatic bypass mean you never run out of water, and integrated water conditioning coupled with a self-cleaning cycle eliminate the need for salt softening or chemical pretreatment.

Plus, SmartGuard responsibly manages valuable resources like energy and water, delivering up to an 80% recovery rate and reducing energy usage through efficient production cycles and low-energy membranes. All fitting in a compact space-saving design, your customized SmartGuard RO System will produce the specific water profile you need and provide the ease of maintenance you’ve been looking for.

Features & Benefits
  • Nominal 750 gallon per day to 150 gpm of RO only, or RO + remineralization, or RO + deionization, or RO + TDS blending
  • No water softener or chemical pretreatment required*
  • Self-adjusting high-recovery rate
  • Programmable water quality (TDS) and recovery rate (water efficiency) is digitally measured and alarmed if out of specification
  • Works with building automation systems
  • Auto bypass feature — System automatically bypasses itself so you always have water for your equipment
  • User-friendly touchscreen display — Many smart features to minimize maintenance such as tracking water quality and life of pre-filters and RO membranes
  • Uses zero salt or chemicals — Helps you save time, money and the environment

* Pretreatment is required for certain problem water contaminants such as iron, manganese or bacteria.

Typical Applications
  • Kitchen equipment: steamers, combi-ovens, kettles, ice machines, drink/soda machines, coffee machines, tea machines and drinking water
  • Steam boilers
  • Steam humidifiers
  • Sterilizers, autoclaves and cart washers
  • Cooling towers
  • Breweries
  • Misting systems
  • Laboratories
  • Aquariums

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