SmartGuard RO

An intelligent and dependable RO system that doesn’t require softener or chemical pretreatment.

SmartGuard RO is an intelligent water filtration system built to work hard and think hard so you get the water quality you need without the downtime and maintenance headaches associated with typical reverse osmosis systems.

SmartGuard RO Features & Benefits

Microprocessor Driven with Touch Screen

  • SmartGuard combines a powerful on-board microprocessor with digital sensors and custom firmware.
  • Measures and reports performance data, operation alarms and maintenance needs.
  • Touch screen display keeps you informed of system and filter condition and provides an on-board interface for making adjustments.
  • Dry contacts provide alarm connections for building monitoring systems.

Automatic TDS Blending

  • SmartGuard delivers a customized water profile.
  • Automatic TDS blending adjusts to provide consistent water quality according to your desired outlet TDS
    set point.
  • Dual output of different TDS water profiles available for applications requiring both pure RO water and partially remineralized RO water.
  • Both the raw RO permeate and blended/remineralized
    RO outlet quality are digitally measured and alarmed if outside of range.

Programmable Drain/Recovery Ratio

  • SmartGuard digitally calculates recovery and automatically adjusts drain flow to maintain a consistent ratio.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing feed water and filter conditions that can dramatically impact RO system performance.
  • Provides consistent recovery rate and maximizes water savings and filter life.

Automatic Bypass

  • Senses low tank volume and automatically bypasses itself.
  • Partially filtered or raw water is automatically delivered as needed while SmartGuard works to re-fill your tank.

Integrated Water Conditioning and Cleaning

  • SmartGuard eliminates the associated cost, regulation, and pollution from the use of chemicals and salt.
  • Our proprietary No-Salt Conditioner treatment is integrated in to the SmartGuard platform to reduce mineral and biological fouling.
  • Includes a high purity self-cleaning and purge cycle to extend filter life without salt or chemical pre-treatment.

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SmartGuard RO Sizing Chart

Model # Nominal GPD Sizing1 Avg Permeate GPM2 Membrane Sizes & Array
SG-750 750 0.25 3 - 3.5" x 10"
SG-1500 1,500 0.5 3 - 3.5" x 15"
SG-3000 3,000 1 6 - 3.5" x 15"
SG-6000 6,000 2 6 - 4" x 20"
SG-7500 7,500 2.5 3 - 4" x 40"
SG-10K 10,000 3.5 4 - 4" x 40"
SG-15K 15,000 5 6 - 4" x 40"
SG-22K 22,000 9 3 - 8" x 40"
SG-30K 30,000 12 6 - 8" x 40"
SG-45K 45,000 18 6 - 8" x 40"
SG-60K 60,000 24 8 - 8" x 40"
SG-90K 90,000 36 12 - 8" x 40"
SG-120K 120,000 48 16 - 8" x 40"
SG-150K 150,000 60 20 - 8" x 40"
SG-180K 180,000 72 24 - 8" x 40"
SG-210K 210,000 86 28 - 8" x 40""
SG-240K 240,000 100 32 - 8" x 40"
SG-300K 300,000 125 40 - 8" x 40"
Storage tanks, delivery pumps, DI filtration, UV sanitization and .2 micron post filtration are among the many options available with SmartGuard RO.
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1"Nominal GPD Sizing" is not a practical design parameter and is based on 24/7 operation with ideal pressure, temperature, TDS and filter condition. As a general rule, the actual volume needed per day should not exceed 40% of the nominal rating.
2"Avg Permeate GPM" gives a more realistic measure of average expected performance. This and Max GPD of 40% of "Nominal GPD Sizing" are good design parameters and can
be combined with various size storage options to meet peak demand within those parameters.

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