ITF System

An innovative way to reduce sediment,
scale and bacteria in industrial water systems

Typical Applications:

  • Reclaim water
  • Pond water
  • Industrial process water that picks up sediment, oil and other contaminants as it circulates

ITF System Features & Benefits

Typical Problems in Industrial Water Systems:

  1. Fine, sub-micron sediment that is difficult to filter
  1. High bacteria counts leading to biofilm
  1. Oil and grease
  1. Hard water scale deposits

How ITF Provides Superior Industrial Water Treatment and Filtration:

SedimentShield Sub-Micron Filtration

  • Effective filtration at a sub-micron level
  • Backwashes clean and does not harbor bacteria
  • Will effectively filter oil and grease
  • SedimentShield media has an expected life
    of 15+ years
  • Removes over 90+% of bacteria in the water
  • Significantly reduces turbidity or cloudiness
    in the water, which increases the effectiveness of the UV system
  • Sub-micron filtration results in cleaner trenches and sump pits because particles under 20 microns do not settle in water

UltraViolet (UV) System

  • Kills bacteria on contact
  • Minimizes the use of biocides, which lowers corrosion rates and saves money
  • UV provides highly effective sanitization and is protected from deposits and performance loss by the SedimentShield filtration and No-Salt Conditioner

No-Salt Conditioners

  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates anti-scalant chemicals
  • Helps remove scale and biofilm in the system, as well as in the UV, which helps maintain the rated effectiveness of the UV
  • Minimizes system biofilm, which reduces Legionella risk
  • Breaks down the cell wall of bacteria
  • Causes flocculation of particles in the water, increasing filtration effectiveness

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