CTF System

A responsible and innovative way to significantly reduce bacteria, scale and Legionella risk in cooling towers.

EasyWater’s CTF System is a unique, three-part solution for cooling tower filtration and treatment in a convenient, side-stream configuration. The CTF System utilizes EasyWater’s SedimentShield—a sub-micron, backwashing filter with proprietary media for the removal of sediment and bacteria; an ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization; and EasyWater’s No Salt Conditioners to prevent and remove hard water scale deposits, biofilm, and bacteria.

Features & Benefits
  • SedimentShield sub-micron backwashing filtration for sediment and bacteria
  • No-Conditioners significantly reduce or eliminate scaling
  • UV System disinfection to kill bacteria
  • Typically reduces cooling tower chemicals by 90+%
  • Keeps tower water and sump basin significantly cleaner
  • Significantly reduces Legionella threat
  • Keeps bacteria counts extremely low
  • Saves energy and water
Typical Applications
  • Cooling towers
  • Closed-circuit fluid coolers
  • Evaporative condensers

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