An efficient, long lasting water softener designed for your facility

SimplySoft by EasyWater combines superior design and the highest quality components to deliver a low-maintenance softener that is simple to use and easy to maintain. SimplySoft provides you with soft water while reducing the damaging lime scale deposits and spotting caused by hard water. Plus, the smart metered control valve reduces water and salt usage and our long lasting resin resists breakdown to give you years of reliable performance.

SimplySoft Features & Benefits

SimplySoft Features

  • Smart-metered control valve
  • Easy to service / Maintenance friendly
  • Strong, long-lasting, chlorine-resistant resin
  • Compatible with sodium chloride or potassium chloride
  • Automatically adjusts and adapts to usage fluctuations based on rolling history
  • Superior resin for increased life span of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs associated with scale and hard water
  • Saves water by regenerating on usage and not time
  • Efficient salt usage based on no unneeded regenerations


  • Complete pre-engineered systems with 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″ & 3″ valves
  • Custom tailored systems through 6″ valves
  • Single and multi-tank systems
  • Progressive flow and twin alternating
  • Fiberglass, steel and stainless tanks
  • Metal and non-metal valve and piped systems
  • Data output and building automation capable

Typical Applications

  • Domestic water
  • Commercial dishmachines
  • Commercial laundries
  • Cooling tower makeup
  • Steam boilers
  • Process water
  • Carwashes

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SimplySoft Product Sheet


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