Preventing Hard Water Scale
in Domestic Water Systems

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Tue 1/25 @ 9a EST

Wed 1/26 @ 11a EST

Thu 1/27 @ 3p EST

BEFORE Treatment

AFTER 100 Days of Treatment


  • What is hardness and how does it get in water?
  • How does scale form in domestic water systems?
  • What equipment tends to be most scale prone in domestic water systems?
  • How does the heat density of water heaters affect scale formation?
  • How does the hot water temperature affect scale formation?
  • Safely removing scale in domestic water systems
  • Energy saved by preventing scale in domestic water heaters
  • EasyWater’s SimplySoft Water Softeners
  • EasyWater’s No-Salt Conditioner Systems with TWS Spools
  • NEW Domestic Water Survey Forms
  • NEW specification details for plan and spec projects
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  • Consulting Engineers
  • End Users
  • Contractors

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