Tallahassee Community College: Closed Loop Treatment Systems

Customer: Tallahassee Community College
Job Facts: 270-acre community college in Tallahassee, FL, with over 40,000 students enrolled
Scope of Work Closed loop treatment for chilled and hot water systems
EasyWater Equipment
  • 3 x Series C 4,000-Gal Closed Loop Treatment Systems
  • 1 x Series C 25,000-Gal Closed Loop Treatment System
  • 1 x Series C 40,000-Gal Closed Loop Treatment System

“I’m very impressed with the very low iron and copper levels. This indicates great corrosion control in the system.”
– Chem-Aqua Consultant


For years, Tallahassee Community College (TCC) battled and experienced a range of problems in their closed loop hot water and chilled water systems. They had a contract to add traditional chemicals and have water tests conducted on a regular basis but continued to fight leaks, sediment and iron oxide deposits in their piping and heat exchangers, which significantly reduced heat transfer and increased energy consumption by more than 12 percent. Traditional chemicals were not protecting their closed loops properly and were costing them a lot of money, so TCC turned to EasyWater for help.

EasyWater Treatment Test / Results:

TCC purchased three Series C Closed Loop Treatment Systems to treat three small (less than 4,000 gallons) closed loop hot water systems as a trial. The results were excellent, and they found the Series C Closed Loop Treatment Systems cleaned up the loose metal and sediment in the water, reduced the dissolved oxygen levels to less than 1ppm and removed the existing iron oxide deposits in the systems.

The results were so positive that they decided to purchase a larger Series C System for their 25,000-gallon central closed loop hot water system. This Series C System provided the same results for their larger closed loop hot water system, so they purchased an even larger Series C System for their 40,000-gallon central closed loop chilled water system.

TCC continues to be very pleased with the results and even had their previous chemical company test the water in their central closed loop hot water system to give an opinion of EasyWater’s performance.
Below is the email and water test results from their previous chemical company regarding EasyWater’s performance:

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