Johnson Controls: Protecting Heat Exchangers for 7 High-Rise Housing Units

  • Project: Kansas City Housing Authority
  • Customer: Johnson Controls
  • Job Facts: 7 high-rise low income housing units in Kansas City
  • Scope of Work: Domestic Water, Steam Boiler and Kitchen
  • EasyWater Equipment:
    • 7 x EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners to treat each of the 7 high-rise units


In the fall of 2011, the Kansas City, Kansas Housing Authority (KCKHA) entered into an energy performance contract with Johnson Controls for their seven high-rise low income housing units. As part of the contract, Johnson Controls needed to keep the heat exchangers of the new domestic water heaters from building scale like the old ones did. This would save 20+% energy for water heating and cause the heater to last several times longer.


To meet the energy-saving goals for heating domestic water, Johnson Controls specified and installed EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner Systems for all of the domestic hot and cold water in the 7 facilities. This would allow the water heaters to remain clean and retain their rated efficiencies, saving thousands of dollars annually.


More than two years after installation, Tom Wiesing, Sr. Maintenance Mechanic and Garren Stickelman, PE, of Johnson Controls report there has been no limescale buildup in any of the water heaters. In addition, all the existing scale in the hot water piping was removed and the buildings have not had any issues with scaling in aerators, mixing valves, or any other water-using equipment. Both men agree that working with EasyWater was the right decision.

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