Shell Point: Cooling Tower Water Treatment for 2,400 Residents

Customer: Shell Point Retirement Community
Location: Ft. Myers, FL
Scope of Work: 12-Cell, 8,000 Ton Cooling Tower
EasyWater Equipment: 2- CTF-360-S Skid-Mounted Treatment Systems

“The CTF System has exceeded my expectations.”

– Paul Bretones, Shell Point Manager of Engineering


Shell Point, Florida’s largest continuing care retirement community, houses approximately 2,400 residents in Fort Myers.

Their community has a large cooling tower system that serves their water-cooled chillers in order to provide air conditioning for all its residents. Unfortunately, this system has a long history of problems, including:

  • Scaling in the cooling tower fill
  • Scaling in the chiller condenser tubes
  • Turbid water
  • High bacteria counts

Additionally, the crossflow cooling towers allow all of the Florida sunlight to come in contact with the water in the sump, which caused a major algae problem.

EasyWater CTF System for cooling tower water treatment
Twelve cell, 8,000 ton cooling tower system

Shell Point has attempted to use regular chemical treatments, including extra daily hand shocking of biocide chemical, but this has not brought the algae and bacteria problems under control.

Shell Point was utilizing (2) 475 gpm sand filters with their cooling tower sump sweeper system prior to purchasing the two EasyWater CTF Systems.

One of two sand filters Shell Point was using prior to adding EasyWater treatment


In the Fall of 2020, EasyWater received a purchase order for (2) CTF-360-S skid mounted treatment systems, a unique, three-part solution for cooling tower treatment and filtration:

  • EasyWater SedimentShield—a sub-micron, backwashing filter for the removal of sediment and bacteria
  • Ultraviolet chamber for bacterial sanitization
  • EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners to prevent and remove hard water scale deposits, biofilm, and bacteria. Our No-Salt Conditioners have the added benefit of preventing the hot UV lamps from scaling.
EasyWater CTF-360-S skid-mounted treatment system


Our two CTF Treatment Systems went on-line December 17, 2020 and they quickly produced impressive results. See bacteria dip slide test results below:

BEFORE Treatment – Bacterial dip slide results just before the CTF Systems were installed was 105

AFTER Treatment – Less than two weeks later the bacterial count was down to 100


Not only did overall bacterial counts dramatically drop from 105 to 100 in less than two weeks, but the algae, biofilm and turbidity were also dramatically reduced. See our Before/After results below:


“The CTF System has exceeded my expectations.”

– Paul Bretones, Shell Point Manager of Engineering


CTF is a complete cooling tower treatment solution that provides superior results and typically pays for itself in less that 2 years with only chemical and energy savings. 


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