No-Salt Conditioner

Prevent and remove hard water scale deposits and bio-film without salt or chemicals

Hard water causes scale build-up to form in your water-using equipment, which leads to continued repairs or replacement, increased energy costs, reduced water flow and equipment downtime. Each of these costs your business time and money. That is why over 25 years ago our team at EasyWater developed the No-Salt Conditioner as a maintenance-free solution to not only prevent scale build-up from forming, but to remove existing scale build-up without the need for salt or chemicals.

We use our No-Salt Conditioner technology for certain domestic water applications, and as an integral part of our CTF System, Series C System, DWP System and PoolShield.

No-Salt Conditioner Features & Benefits

Why Does Scale Form Inside Water-Using Equipment?

  1. Change in Temperature
  1. Change in Pressure
  1. Turbulence


  • Pre-assembled and flanged treatment wraps (TWS Spools) supplied for installation
  • Sturdy, NEMA 4X controller housing
  • Heat-dissipating aluminum fins
  • Ability to service two pipes
  • No service or maintenance costs
  • Estimated life of 10 to 15 or more years
  • Dry Contacts for Remote Monitoring Available

Equipment Protection Examples

  • Domestic water heaters / Heat exchangers
  • Mixing valves
  • Piping
  • Pumps
  • Showerheads
  • Aerators
  • Flush valves

Typical Applications

  • Domestic hot and cold water
  • Process water
  • Well/lake water used for condensing
    or cooling
  • Heating water using waste heat


  • No-Salt Conditioners are installed on all domestic cold water mains and all hot water recirculating loops

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How No-Salt Conditioner Treats & Prevents Scale

EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners have a control panel that mounts on the wall and a signal wire that wraps around several feet of any domestic main cold water supply and any hot water-circulating loops (For example: building hot water returns, common circulating loops between domestic water boilers and storage tanks, intra-tank circulators on water heaters). The system sends a wide range of electronic frequencies through the wall of the pipe and physically changes the minerals in water.



  • As water sees a change in temperature, pressure or turbulence, some of the minerals fall out of solution and are floating or suspended in the water
  • The untreated minerals look like tree branches and have an electrostatic charge (like static electricity) on their surface, causing them to stick to the inside of water-using equipment and form scale deposits


  • No-Salt Conditioner treatment causes the tree branch shaped minerals to cling to each other and form disc-shaped minerals, and as a result, they lose the electrostatic charge and their ability to stick
  • When the tree branch-shaped minerals cling to each other and form these discs, it creates more capacity or “room” in the water to dissolve mineral and slowly remove existing scale deposits

This test clearly proves the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner lives up to its claims in a real-world situation.

— Bryan Schoening, Facility Maintenance Director for Core Civic / Nevada Southern Detention Center

No-Salt Conditioner Projects

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